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What ARE Presets?


what if i loose presets?

Similarly to a filter, a preset adjusts the visual elements of your image. However, presets are a lot more in-depth and do more than simply filtering the picture.

Once you have purchased our presets and downloaded them, you are responsible for backing up your purchase.  We recommend backing them up to an external hard drive, USB drive, or your favorite cloud service. The links can not be reissued.  Please be sure to backup your investment today!  Please make sure to back them up through one of these sources or to a external hard drive or thumb drive.


Do i need to be a professional photographer to use presets?

Absolutely not. Our presets are easy to use on all your every day photographs. Imagine turning dull photos into beautiful scroll stopping pictures all from your phone. It's that easy.


how do i use presets?

We'll provide great directions with your purchase. We make it easy for you.


What do i need to use presets?

The free Lightroom mobile App and our instructions. These presets will only work on mobile devices.


Will these presets work on my skintone?

Our presets are created for all skin tones. We test with dozens of different skin tones to make sure they look good. HOWEVER, the presets can sightly alter your skin tone and you may have to make slight adjustments. Your downloads will come with tips on how to do that. We HIGHLY recommend paying close attention to this section of your downloads.


What is is the difference between mobile & Desktop Presets?

Desktop presets typically offer more functionality. Going beyond adjusting tones, colors , lights and shadows. The desktop version of Lightroom and Photoshop offer many different types of brushes used to "hand" edit Parts of a picture where a preset is applied to the ENTIRE picture.

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