How to Use Lightroom Presets

March 1, 2024

We wanted to share a simple Guide to Using Lightroom Presets

Ever wondered how your favorite photographers or influencers get those flawless photos? The answer is Lightroom Presets. With presets, editing photos like a pro is a breeze. In this post, we’re diving into why Lightroom presets are your secret weapon for amazing photo edits and scroll stoping pictures.

You Might be Wondering, What Are Presets?

Think of presets as shortcuts in Adobe Lightroom that instantly edit your photos. No need to be an expert; presets do the heavy lifting to give you stunning results in one click. We make editing easy and seamless so you can focus on what you do best while your pictures stand out from everyone else’s.   Your images will look professional in an instant and transform your phone pictures into scroll-stopping photos.  Plus, they’re really fun to use.

Why Use Lightroom Presets?

From content creators to hobbyists, presets are the universal key to that polished look and personal style signature in your images. They’re for everyone who loves photos, no matter your experience level.

Who Should Use Presets?

Presets are for all – whether you’re starting out, an influencer aiming for consistency, or a photographer honing a signature style. They’re easy and make a big impact.

Are Presets a Good Investment?

Definitely! Presets allow you to achieve a professional edit without spending years learning the ropes.

Do Experts Use Presets?

Absolutely. Professionals rely on presets for style consistency and to evoke the right emotions in their work, client after client.

How Do Presets Save Time?

Edit with one click, or better yet, batch edit – apply the same preset to multiple photos at once. It works on both mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom, saving you heaps of time.

What Do I Need for Presets?
Just the Free version of Lightroom Mobile. You can download them through your App Store. Make sure you download the FREE version, we don’t recommend the paid version unless you need more complicated functionality like brushes or masks.
– You can download the iPhone version here .
– You can download the Android version here.

Where do I get the BEST Presets?
You get them right here ->> Best Presets around. We always recommend getting presets from original creators, developed by photographers who value QUALITY and a professional aesthetic. Don’t be tempted by the “cheapest” presets either, sometimes, you get what you pay for and we have found that presets are no exception.

Here’s a few of our most popular presets.